argusctl summary problem

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Thu May 11 12:46:57 EDT 2006

| Umm, but then how insightful is this, if on a level
| 3 group I do have a service down, but as the Top
| summary only takes level 1 and 2 into account, it
| would probably say 'down: 0' for the Top summary... ?

you are just guessing.
but no.

in argus, groups have status.
if something in a group is down, then the group is down.
(unless you have specified a non-default 'gravity')

in your case, your group 2 levels down will count
as 1 down.

| but I was just
| curious how can that complex algorythm be more useful
| than a simple up: X down: Y where the algorythm is
| the plain old sum ? I guess there is something I'm
| missing...

it becomes more obvious once your config gets large
or complex (such as specifying non-default gravity).

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