Argus Problem?

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at
Thu May 11 14:24:06 EDT 2006

| When argus sends an E-mail the subject line looks like the following:
| Top:New-York,NY:firewall-01:Ping_10.0.0.101 is down
| But, I'd like to have my subject line look like the following:
| Firewall-01 is down
| (As you can see I'd like o get rid of the location and the word Top)
| what should i do?
| Below is a sample of my config
| Method "mail" {
|		  command:        sendmail -t
|		  send:           To: %R\nFrom:%F\nSubject: %O is %S\n\n
|		}

the easiest way, would be to change the 'command' above
to a script that you write, and that changes the content
in the manner that you want.

| 2) From the same config, although I use "autoack: yes" argus sends
| multiple E-mails why?

I see no reason in the config you included. if you are getting
multiple emails, it is due to something in your config which
you haven't shown us.

| 3) In the argus documentation I notice the following:
| %O{param} what should be inside the bracket?

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