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Frank van den Diepstraten frank.diepstraten at concepts.nl
Tue Jan 9 06:03:05 EST 2007


I've got a configuration like:

 Host "hostname" {
                hostname:       "ip"
                depends:        Top:Servers_Breda:server:Ping_"ip"
                Service: Ping
                Service: TCP/SSH
                Service: TCP/SMTP

                Service Prog {
                        command:        /root/remotescripts/exim.nieuw
                        graph:          yes
                        uname:          emq
                        maxvalue:       1
                        label:          emq
                        title:          Exim mailqueue

I've set the maxvalue to 1 for a test. But it still gives the process up.
When I run the command from the monitoring server I get:

monitor:/home/frank# /root/remotescripts/exim.nieuw stats@"ip"

Now my question is if there's a standard maxvalue within argus that
overrides my maxvalue in the config file. When it isn't, why dus it give the
emq service up?


Frank van den Diepstraten

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