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Gonzalo Perez Brun perez_brun at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 9 09:49:54 EST 2007

      I am not realy shure, but think that you can use a workarround and use 
  the "expect" sentence. May be you must modifie the script to return a "ok" 
or "fail", and then your configuration will be....
Service Prog {
     command: /root/remotescripts/exim.nieuw stats@"ip"
     expect: ok
     graph: no
   # Now graph is not needed.
     label:  emq

    It is useful ???

>From: "Frank van den Diepstraten" <frank.diepstraten at concepts.nl>
>Reply-To: Discussion about Argus <arguslist at tcp4me.com>
>To: <arguslist at tcp4me.com>
>Subject: quation notifys
>Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2007 12:03:05 +0100
>I've got a configuration like:
>  Host "hostname" {
>                 hostname:       "ip"
>                 depends:        Top:Servers_Breda:server:Ping_"ip"
>                 Service: Ping
>                 Service: TCP/SSH
>                 Service: TCP/SMTP
>                 Service Prog {
>                         command:        /root/remotescripts/exim.nieuw
>                         graph:          yes
>                         uname:          emq
>                         maxvalue:       1
>                         label:          emq
>                         title:          Exim mailqueue
>                         }
>I've set the maxvalue to 1 for a test. But it still gives the process up.
>When I run the command from the monitoring server I get:
>monitor:/home/frank# /root/remotescripts/exim.nieuw stats@"ip"
>Now my question is if there's a standard maxvalue within argus that
>overrides my maxvalue in the config file. When it isn't, why dus it give 
>emq service up?
>Frank van den Diepstraten
>Arguslist at tcp4me.com

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