Graphing Fails

Martin Boese martin at
Thu Feb 23 06:28:40 EST 2012


some month ago we switched on graphing. Now more and more graphs fail
to graph. We get a pink image displaying the text: 

  ARGUS CGI: GRAPH ERROR. cannot generate graph. picasso failed. see
  web server error log.

I the stderr of the script I get 

  data point out of order at /usr/local/lib/argus/picasso line 131
  picasso failed. cannot generate graph image.

This only seems to affect the 'Samples' Graph. We have on many (but
not all) data sources.

Running on FreeBSD 7.4 / amd64 / Perl v5.8.9 / lighttpd 1.4.28 / mod_cgi

Any ideas how to fix this?!



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