/var/argus/config' on line 33 - Cannot depend on self (ignored)

Jeff Weisberg jaw+arguslist at tcp4me.com
Wed Feb 14 11:31:03 EST 2007

| I've just installed argus to a new machine but with the same configs i get
| an error:

| Feb 14 08:38:46 monitor Argus[1944]: ERROR: in file '/var/argus/config' on
| line 33 - Cannot depend on self (ignored)

hmmm.  that doesn't seem helpful. I need to fix the error message.

if your config is identical and it used to work, most likely,
you are running a newer version of argus.

the 'depends' parameter recently changed; it is now an
inherited parameter. this is probably causing some of
the depends in your config to be interpreted differently.

the quick fix, is to change all of the 'depends' lines
in your configs to 'depends!' lines. this will cause them
to behave exactly like the lines in the old config:

old config:
	depends:	Top:Gabba:Gabba:Hey

new config:
	depends!:	Top:Gabba:Gabba:Hey
	#      ^

note: for any of the parameters whose inheritance changed, adding the '!'
will cause it to behave the same as it did in the older version.

see also:

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