Problems with Access Lists

Richard Passman rpassman at
Mon Feb 19 08:24:27 EST 2007

Just doing some tests with the Dev Versions;  (20070218)

Users file
/argus        any        Top    root
cust1    any    Top:Customers:Cust1        cust1/

Config file
(top of 01-header)
/acl_root:    root
acl_staff: root
acl_user:    root

bkgimage:    /images/argus.logo.gif/

03-Customers file

/Group "Customers" {
    Group "Cust1" {
        acl_user: cust1
        acl_staff:    cust1
        #acl_root:    cust1
        #acl_page:    cust1
        #acl_about: cust1
        #acl_ntfyack:    cust1
        #acl_ntfylist:    cust1
        #acl_ntfyack: cust1
        #acl_ntfyackall: cust1
        #acl_ntfydetail: cust1
        graph: yes
        notify:    mail:rpassman at
        sendnotify:    yes
        Group "Reading1 Office" {
            frequency: 60
            graph: yes
            Host "WAN1" {

The problem is if I use the config as above, after logging in the cust1 
then I get an access denied, If I uncomment the acl_page then I can get 
to the page. If I uncomment the acl_ntfy** then I get the buttons to 
look at the notify lists but again access is denied.

Any help- my understanding of the acl's is that I should be able to see 
the page with the config above? - Should I not be using the very latest!!


Richard Passman
Technical Director
Radime Media Networks

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