[ANNOUNCE] New Argus Code: argus-dev-20100109.tgz

Andrew D Kirch trelane at trelane.net
Fri Jan 15 00:54:24 EST 2010

Just figured I'd say hi and thanks to Jeff for all his efforts.  I have
to note that the user community is way bigger than this list seems
because he made an easy package that almost any idiot can use without
breaking it.  (After some of the stuff I've put in a config though the
key word is almost).


On 1/15/2010 12:35 AM, Argus Notifier wrote:
> Hi.  I am the automated New Argus Code program that announces new
> releases of Argus on this mailing list.  Take note that I not only
> announce stable code, but unstable development code as well.
> I have found that
> http://www.tcp4me.com/code/argus-archive/argus-dev-20100109.tgz has
> been released.
> There have been 1570 lines (of mostly code) added and 840 lines
> removed (for a net gain of 730 lines) since the last release.
> See
> http://jeremy.kister.net/code/argus/argus-dev-20090222-argus-dev-20100109.diff
> for more details.
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