Week-end overrides/multiple cron entries

Malte Weber mw at netconsequence.de
Sat Jan 30 03:50:53 EST 2010

Hi there,

we have been using argus for some time now and it has helped us a lot-
thanks to all the developers..

Now we have to monitor a new service which runs only Mon-Thu from 7 AM
to 4 PM and Fri 7 AM-12 PM. Our current approach to this looks as

Service Prog {
	command:	/usr/local/bin/monitor_batchlg.sh
	expect:	OK
	label:	dispo
	uname:	dispo
	cron "2 16 * * * 1-4" {
		expires:	54000
		func:	override
		mode:	manual
		text:	reorg
	cron "2 12 * * * 5" {
		expires:	241200
		func:	override
		mode:	manual
		text:	reorg

This works excellently from Monday thru Thursday, but the second override for the weekend is not honoured.
We are not really sure whether argus is able to handle two cron entries on a single service or not.

Can anybody provide us with a solution to this issue?

Thanks in advance,


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