Argus - The All Seeing, System and Network Monitoring Software

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Argus was originally designed to monitor servers and network connections in a mission-critical ISP (Internet Service Provider) environment, and scales well from small-businesses through large enterprises.

  • It is open-source available at no charge.
  • It has a clean and intuitive web interface.
  • The web pages can easily be understood by non-technical people.
  • It can generate graphs of what is going on.
  • It can monitor network connectivity (Ping test)
  • It can monitor TCP/UDP ports
  • It can monitor a wide variety of TCP/UDP applications (HTTP, SMTP, RADIUS, ...)
  • It can monitor the output or exit code of a program (Program test)
  • It can monitor the content of a web page (such as a shopping cart application)
  • It can monitor the authoritativeness of a nameserver
  • It can monitor SNMP OIDs (such as BGP status, UPS voltage, room temperature, ...)
  • It can monitor the results of SQL queries
  • It can monitor itself.
  • It can be extended to monitor things that the author didn't think of
  • It can notify someone (or many people) when something happens
  • It can escalate, and notify someone else, if things don't get fixed.
  • It can not alarm for known downtime (maintenance overrides)
  • It will summarize and rate-limit multiple notifications to prevent paging-floods.
  • It keeps historical statistics, for analysis or SLA verification.
  • It scales well and can monitor many, many things.
  • It can restrict users to viewing only certain items (user "views")
  • It can restrict users access to certain features (access control)
  • It can support IPv6.
  • It can support SNMPv3.
  • It can support l10n for your native language.
  • It can support redundant multi-server configurations.