Argus - The All Seeing, System and Network Monitoring Software

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I just want to take a few minutes to tell you what a great piece of software Argus is. I have looked and tested other open source monitoring applications(cricket/bigbrother/netsaint) and found Argus to be the best in my opinion. Installation and configuration was a breeze on my U60/solaris 8 monitoring station, system load also seems lower than with the other mentioned packages. This thing is exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks for your time and for making such a great piece of code available to the general public.
Patrick Juliano -

First things first. Cool project! Thanks for all your effort!
Bryan Ard -

I would like to tell you that Argus is exactly what I have been looking for in a monitoring app
Scott Yager -

thanks for the program as a whole. It looks very nice.
Donald MacDougall -

First I like to say that I like you Argus project. I just installed it and after some fiddling it works great, and does exacly what I want.
Kobe Lenjou -

First, thanks for writing something that seems to be clean and easy to extend. I have been using Nagios @ work for some time and am anxious to replace it.
Richard F. Rebel -

Very nice -- we're just starting to test Argus for a small monitoring job, and so far it seems useful. Thanks for your contribution to the open source community.
Andre van Eyssen -

thanks great tool!!
Sorin Esanu -

I am really happy with your soft, it is probably one of the best i have never found!
I own a hosting and this tool has been really cool for my business :)
Raul Mate Galan -

Argus works excellently. We use it to log data about all traffic through our router so that we can produce bandwidth usage statistics for customers.
Geoff Powell -

This looks like a really great piece of monitoring software and it works perfectly with what I have configured (I already had qpage, apache, gd and perl installed for MRTG).
Argus kicks ass!
Kelly Reed -

First off, Great program. It does 90% of what I was looking for...
Martin Lindquist -

Seems to be e great work. Thanks!
Robert Sander -

I've been testing out Argus, and I really like the product.
Lorne Leonard Harris -

I have to say.. compliments on Argus. It truly is the worlds most advanced monitoring system.
Jeremy Kister -

First off, congrats on a kick ass little app!
Chris Read -

I've found Argus to be just the tool that I need to keep an eye on our server facility. I use it to monitor and report on 20 or so machines, monitoring about 200 individual services.
Gaby Vanhegan -

I really like what you're doing with Argus
Alex -

My team at JP Morgan is evaluating argus for use as a monitoring system to replace our clunky in-house system. So far it looks great
Andrew Crawford -

Thanks for creating Argus
Hub Dohmen -

I check out your app. It looks really good.
John Wojcik -

I start using Argus and I very happy. Thank you for Argus.
Andriy -

I wanted to first let you know how much I love this software. I was really sweating this project I had... to set up monitoring software, but Argus made it a breeze.
Augustin -

We are using Argus in-house at RACQ to monitor our Sun systems and some of the essential network gear. It's darn good.
Joe McKinnon -

Last night I took the time to switch my own network over from Nagios and Demarc to Argus and I have to say "It kicks ass". I don't really have it monitoring everything yet and I haven't even touched the surface of features but within 15-20 minutes I was up and running on FreeBSD versus 2 days for a propper installation of Nagios.
Scott Hiemstra

I installed your program, and i like it ;-)
Honti Miklos -

Started using argus a couple of weeks ago -- GREAT software!
Zach Berke -

Argus is a great product, you have all my thanks for the excellent job you did.
Frédéric Laurencin -

Having Argus has to have been the single best career move yet. 100% uptime is difficult to impossible, but 100% PERCEIVED uptime is entirely possible with Argus. Now I know when a service is down long before the boss does. So customizable, I'm able to monitor damn near anything on any level. Perfect.

Argus is absolutely brilliant. I wasted an entire day playing around with broken, convoluted, piece of crap monitoring daemons, and then I found Argus and all was better. What I liked just as much as Argus was the well-written, informative, and amusing documentation.
Neil Anderson -

i am just getting into argus but i have evaluated, and dumped, a couple other service monitoring apps - and argus looks great.
george donnelly -

THANK YOU so much for Argus! I was going bananas for the last 2 days trying to configure Nagios, and I got Argus up and running in less than one hour. I'm testing it on an old Sun Sparc64 running NetBSD 2.0, and it's running just perfect :)
Karl Wagner -