argusd cpu usage

Jeremy Kister argus-01 at
Thu Mar 25 15:18:42 EST 2004

my Service Self/ide is alarming using Argus-3.3_RC-20040312.  top shows one
of the argusd processes taking about 100% of my cpu0, and none of my cpu1

Is there any good debugging i can do to find out why argusd is taking so
much CPU?

I am graphing Self/idle as per  It shows
~90% idle... should the title of this graph and yvalue be "percent not idle"

debugging Self/idle shows:
      srvc::reason SELF TEST less than min
      srvc::result 11.5655998585034

unix11> argusctl status
ARGUS/2.0 200 OK
status:   running
version:  3.3_RC-20040312
perlver:  5.8.3
osinfo:   SunOS 5.8 sun4u
objects:  1062
services: 854
notifies: 125
uptime:   1:28:57
idle:     11.72% 11.71% 11.51%
monrate:  6.07 6.21 6.24 per second

I stopped and started argus, and it is behaving more correctly now (taking
3% of cpu0), although since this will likely happen again, hints are

Jeremy Kister

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