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Jason 'XenoPhage' Frisvold friz at
Tue Sep 27 20:45:09 EDT 2005

Tom Lisjac wrote:

>Our school district is very happy with Argus! I've set up dual, cross
>checking installs and a dedicated monitor in our operations center so
>all of our network engineers can see and hear the alerts.

Yeah, I agree..  Argus rules..  :)

>The problem is that we're a Linux shop and the siren only works with
>IE. I've tried adding a helper app in Mozilla 1.7 for the audio/wav
>type that calls /usr/bin/play... but it never executes.

Hrm..  I didn't have to do that..  ?

>The audio alarms are *very* useful for us... but I'm not sure I can
>accept the idea of IE being used to support our Linux infrastructure!

Eww... IE in a Linux shop?  Never!

Nice to see a full Linux shop in a school..  :)

>Has anyone on the list had this problem? Any suggestions would be
>*greatly* appreciated!

I *swear* I ran into this..  I'm not sure what I changed, but when I
have an alert, it looks like this in the html :

<OBJECT DATA="/argus/nx01-redalert.wav" TYPE="audio/x-wav" HEIGHT=0></OBJECT>

Yeah.. I changed the sound..  :)  I *think* you need to change it from
audio/wav to audio/x-wav ...  Do that and you should be golden. :)

>Best regards,
>-Tom Lisjac

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